Partner 6

Thomas Pichler

University of Vienna. Austria.

Prof. Thomas Pichler is one of the leading experts in the synthesis and detailed spectroscopic analysis of molecular carbon nanostructure. He is one of the pre-eminent spectroscopists in Europe and a key player in the analysis of low dimensional quantum systems (e.g. quasi 0D molecular nanostructures (functionalized fullerenes), 1D nanostructures in general (especially functionalized single wall carbon nanotubes -SWCNT-) and 2D solids (e.g. functionalized graphene)) by high energy and optical spectroscopy. His project related contributions encompasses aspects of design, production and investigation of fundamental properties. It has provided the community with directives to assess innovation in the field based on a key ingredient: “The use of various direct spectroscopic probing methods with a range of excitation sources”.

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