Partner 3

Eugenio Coronado

University of Valencia. Spain.

2D Materials Exfoliation
The Coronado’s group has a wide experience in the chemistry of layered materials, including the growth of crystals and the isolation of single-layers using both solution and micromechanical methods. It has invented a robust micromechanical method to exfoliate difficult 2D materials based on a “press and shear” procedure. On the other hand, it has prepared many hybrid materials using these layers as building blocks and used them as active components of electronic and magnetic devices. A breakthrough has been the chemical design of the first hybrid system formed by alternating layers of TaS2 and a magnetic layered double hydroxides (LDH), which shows coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism. Other relevant results have been the preparation of nanocomposite materials formed by graphene and FeNi3 nanoparticles or LDHs, which show excellent properties as supercapacitors or electrocatalysts.

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