POLYMAT Spotlight 2016 attracted >100 participants

24 June, 2016



During the 21st-24th of June 2016 the very first edition of POLYMAT SPOTLIGHT (http://polymat-spotlight.eu) took place in the beautiful city of San Sebastian in Northern Spain.
The conference venue was the Miramar Palace with one of the most spectacular views of the city. The program was organised to promote interactions between researchers with plenty of time for discussion during sessions, cocktails, coffee breaks and lunches, all taking place in the Miramar Palace.
Overall, 6 Plenary lectures and 13 Keynote lectures from recognised experts from all over the globe were arranged over the four days of the conference, including those of Professors Markus Antonietti, Maurizio Prato, Donglin Jiang, Nazario Martin, Graham Bodwell and Colin Nuckolls. The program was completed with 13 contributing lectures, 18 flash presentations and 31 posters, attracting >100 participants. To ensure the visibility of the contributing lecturers by including their talks in-between two invited (Plenary or Keynote) lectures. With the support of Journal of Materials Chemistry, three prizes were awarded to the best posters.

All Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/142817369@N04/albums/72157670123885276